Tuesday 28 July 2020

Nic Treharne


Nic Treharne, who sadly passed away on March 29t,h 2020,  was Musical Director and a  Trustee for the Legat Foundation from 1996.

Nic played the piano for the Moya Vahey School of Russian Classical Ballet for about 45 years, she was a very talented person, she knew exactly the correct rhythm for each enchainment, I would only have to say “AND” and the music came, she might be reading The Dancing Times or doing the Sudoku but the music was always as I needed it, she excelled with unusual rhythms.

She conducted her own band and they played for my school performances.

Nic composed the music for many little dances but in 2011 she composed Victoria Street, a charming ballet, then in 2013 we produced The Nutcracker, Nic arranged Tchaikovsky’s music   and conducted The Rhondda Sinfonietta Players, and in 2016 we performed Sleeping Beauty, both performances were very successful.

Then her sight and hearing began to fail and she retired.

The pupils all loved Mrs Treharne and she loved watching their progress.

We all miss her dreadfully, she was a very good friend, we travelled together for many years when I taught in Summer Schools.

Moya Vahey=Beynon.

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