Monday, 1 September 2008

September 2008 News

Dear Friends.
Sadly our founder and artistic director, Barbara Gregory died peacefully on October 12th, age 89 years.
She had a beautiful funeral attended by many friends and former pupils.
Barbara was a true Legat teacher, and dedicated her life to the Legat system, she was loved and respected by all, not only in Britain but across the world as the messages received portrayed.
Her manual on the Legat system is ready to print but we do not have the funds yet.

The Legat Foundation Exhibition
The Forgotten Ballet Master was taken to Europe during May and June 2007 by Patricia Deane-Gray MBE, our International coordinator.
It was hosted by Slovene Ballet Society, in  Medvode,  with Andrew Stevens, a former  pupil of the Legat school and his wife  Nena.
The exhibition was very well received.
With Andrew’s help the exhibition went to Vienna to the Ballet School of the Opera. Then to The National Theatre in Zagreb and on to Split , hosted by the Croatian Society of Professional Artists.
It was a very successful tour we are very grateful to Patricia Deane-Gray MBE for organizing it all.

Exhibiton in Vienna

Patricia in Zagreb

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