Wednesday, 14 January 2015



As Chair of The Legat Foundation I was invited to a scientific conference devoted to the 145 anniversary of Nicolai Gustavovich Legat’s birth,  held at The Vaganova Academy, Rossi Street, St. Petersburg, Russia.
To celebrate this occasion the Academy Director, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, published Nicolai Legat’s book, The Story of The Russian School, and two of John Gregory’s books,, The Legat Saga and Heritage of a Ballet Master, in Russian
With more pictures and the history updated.

These books are not for sale, they are given to the museums, libraries and schools.

At the conference eleven Professors gave lectures on Legat’s teachings, his caricatures, his musicality and all his amazing talents.
He is very revered in Vaganova and is firmly established in the history. not only of Russian choreographic art but also in the world of ballet.

I was also privileged to see the Vaganova Academy students perform The Nutcracker on The Marinsky stage, a beautiful performance.

Moya Vahey.

Conference on Legat

Launch of Legat's books in Russian 

Academy garden

Moya and Vaganova


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